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Michael Parayno

Michael Parayno, main volunteer of West Philippine Sea Jazz and Blues Festival is a trained academic, recycled materials artists(birdhouses), and founder of infamous and legendary San Francisco Bay Area underground jazz club, Birdland Jazzista Social Club in Berkeley and Oakland, California. BJSC expanded in Manila in the summer of 2012 and 2013. Parayno finally moved to the Philippines in 2015 to start a family and beach resort.

Media and Press on Birdland and Organizer/Volunteer, January 6, 2016, “Bye Bye Birdie”

Documentary on Founder and Birdland history in the US on Vimeo. (Full documentary film currently in production in the US)

Artist Testimonials on Birdland Jazzista Social Club

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, Birdland is a 20″ Calvin Keys(Ray Charles Band)

  • The future of jazz.” Peter Horvath, pianist

  • Birdland is a 10 on the funk meter” SF Bay Area Music Critic

  • A triumph of the human spirit.” Oscar Pangalinan (Bay area sax player)

  • Very Beautiful just like in Havana” Tito Son y Cuba. (cuban tres)

  • The most unpretensious jazz club ever,” Chuck MacKinnon (trumpet, Mactet)

  • A miracle of a club” Gee Gee Amos Blues Band.

  • Amazing, wow, Amazing…Amazing…” TJ Jeanine, TJ Blues Band.

  • Bill Graham would love this place,” Danny Scher (26 year former VP and CEO of Bill Graham Presents, a regular at Birdland)

  • I wished New York had a place like this, ” Dave Ambrosio, bass (Mark Renzi Trio)

  • The hottest jazz room in the Bay Area; Birdland was my favorite gig – the vibe the closeness the love flowed swirling in, thru and around the music – it was the very best room in the San Francisco Bay Area” LLoyd Gregory, guitarist.

  • Birdland is one of those rare places that exists completely apart from all the consumer crap that drives our culture,” Adam Schulman, pianist

  • You are a hero of mine” John Santos(Five time Grammy nominee, Latin Jazz)

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